South Beach Residential

Project Info

The design and supervision of a unique and affordable residential development of six (6) basic and different types of custom designed detached houses, primarily differentiated on floor and plot sizes and the facilities offered in each type. Each house type was designed to have its own characteristics different from others. Numbers of house types are as follows:

Type 1-17 houses (90 sqm)
Type 2-21 houses (150 sqm)
Type 3- 20 houses (200 sqm)
Type 4-21 houses (250 sqm)
Type 5 -24 houses (302 sqm)
Type 6 – 6 houses (355 sqm

There are modern, mediterranean, and Zanzibar (Islamic, contemporary designs, etc with purpose to recreate an extraordinary residential estate in town.




The South Beach Resort estates situated at 15kms from ferry in Dar es Salaam on 40 acres beach front in Ras Koronjo, Gezaulole Village, Temeke Municipality.

National Housing Corporation
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Architecture, Interior Design